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    21 Crows Moments From "Shadow And Bone" That Made Us Laugh, Cry, And Everything In Between

    The Crows are the GOAT. And so is Milo the goat.

    🚨Warning: There are MAJOR spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution! 🚨

    While many may be shaking over the Darkling and Alina's relationship, we're here to celebrate the greatest trio in Shadow and Bone: The Crows.

    The Crows
    Netflix / Via

    Saints, they are just so good!

    Kaz, Inej, and Jesper are just a ragtag group of friends looking to make some money. And that mission may or may not involve kidnapping a literal human sunbeam.

    The Crows
    Netflix / Via

    While they may initially seem like mere supporting characters, they really do grow throughout the first season and carry distinct personalities. Kaz is the austere head honcho, Jesper brings the wit and dead-on shots, and Inej displays as much loyalty as she does acrobatic and knife-throwing skills.

    To show a little love to their epic adventures in Shadow and Bone, let's go over all of the Crows' best moments in season one!

    1. When Jesper shot through the coin to see if it was real.

    Jesper holding coin.
    Netflix / Via

    2. When Kaz retrieved the goat.

    Kaz with the goat
    Netflix / Via

    Do we detect the slightest hint of a smile? Milo has that effect on people.

    3. When Jesper used the goat for comfort on the train ride through the Fold.

    Jesper hugging the goat
    Netflix / Via

    They're both so cute!

    4. When the goat gave Jesper the courage to shoot at the Volcra!

    Netflix / Via

    Yes, you *can* be a total badass while holding a goat!

    5. When Kaz nabs the dimensions to the entrance of the Little Palace and acts all fake nice to the archivist.

    Netflix / Via

    6. When Inej nearly stabs Kaz during their Little Palace infiltration, but she notices him extending his cane.

    Inej tells Kaz he's a bit slow on the draw while he tells her he's just in time
    Netflix / Via

    7. When Inej flexes her acrobatic skills to get them into the palace the night of the demonstration.

    Netflix / Via

    8. When Jesper has to prove he deserves to get into the Little Palace as well, so he demonstrates how he can shoot a card from Inej's mouth just by looking at a mirror...

    Netflix / Via

    The Crows are a talented group!

    9. When Kaz flirts and subsequently hooks up with a hot stable boy.

    Kaz looking at stable boy
    Netflix / Via

    10. When Inej realizes that she's just killed a man to save Kaz's life.

    Inej staring at the floor
    Netflix / Via

    This is one of the show's darker moments, and it goes to show how loyal she is to Kaz.

    11. When Jesper smirks after seeing Alina crawl into their trunk.

    Jesper smirking
    Netflix / Via

    He's always the up-to-no-good comic relief! His plan doesn't exactly work out, but they do have Alina for a minute.

    12. When the Crows hijack a carriage, and the man inside throws a book at Jesper.

    Jesper says "He threw a book at me"
    Netflix / Via

    13. When Jesper absolutely lurches at Inej sewing herself up.

    Netflix / Via

    14. When Kaz tells Inej she was right about the Sun Summoner.

    Kaz tells Inej she was right about the Sun Summoner.
    Netflix / Via

    Kaz swallowing his pride? We didn't see that coming!

    15. When Kaz calls Jesper and Inej his Crows.

    Kaz calls Inej and Jesper his crows
    Netflix / Via

    BRB, crying.

    16. When the Crows vow not to die while going through the Fold again.

    Netflix / Via

    Now that's what we call friendship!

    17. When Jesper makes this dig at Kaz.

    Kaz says Kirigan is a man consumed with vengeance and Jesper says "See it enough in the mirror, do you"
    Netflix / Via

    Well, friends keep friends in check, you know?

    18. When Kaz strikes a deal with Alina to keep quiet about her existence after she gives him a valuable trinket.

    Netflix / Via

    He's all business.

    19. When Jesper tells Alina it's in bad form to kidnap someone who saved your life.

    Jesper tells Alina he won't be kidnapping her anymore
    Netflix / Via

    It's called character growth, baby.

    20. When Kaz tells Inej he needs her.

    Kaz tells Inej he needs her.
    Netflix / Via

    Why are we pining over Darklina when Kaz and Inej are RIGHT HERE?

    21. When Jesper asks the Crows what they learned.

    Netflix / Via

    "People with trains are evil. You can't kidnap a human sunbeam. And maybe, just maybe, greed is a poor motivator. True wealth is the friends you make along the way." That's your recap of the show! And he means Milo for the last part, by the way.

    Evidently, the Crows had a lot of shenanigans throughout Shadow and Bone — which was your favorite moment with the trickster trio? Let us know in the comments below!

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