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23 Hysterical Dog Vines That Will Never Get Old

I triple-dog-dare you not to smile at these.

1. The Epic Tumbler.

2. The Peek-A-Boo Champion.

3. The Office Explorer.

4. The Perfect Poser.

5. The Patient Teacher.

6. The Clingy Tag-Along.

7. The Gifted Musician.

8. The Dramatic Sneezer.

9. The Proud Stick Owner.

10. The Professional Twerker.

11. The Prideful Climber.

12. The Fluffy Struggler.

13. The Best Friend.

14. The Future NBA Star.

15. The Hair Diva.

16. The Face of Peer Pressure.

17. The Nubby Legs.

18. The Noisy Talker.

19. The Hardcore Rebel.

20. The Carefree Joyrider.

21. The Street Thugs.

22. The Terrified Prey.

23. And the Sexy Firemen.

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