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    10 Trends From The 2010s That You Almost Definitely Participated In

    Time to go back to simpler times...

    10. Wedge Sneakers

    chicme / Via, Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    Who signed off on this? Why did people think this was fashionable? Why do they cost so much? I will never understand this trend or why people wear these.

    9. Crocs

    A wall full of colorful Crocs
    Cate Gillon / Getty Images

    Ahh, Crocs. While these are generally agreed upon as one of the ugliest shoes ever created, they will always be regarded as peak 2010s fashion. Whether you wore them with socks or filled with plastic Crocs charms, these shoes definitely had their moment in the spotlight. If it wasn't for wedge sneakers, Crocs would've been last on this list.

    8. The Mannequin Challenge

    Tenor / Via

    The Mannequin Challenge seemed like an interesting concept at first, but once old businessmen got involved (looking at you, Jerry Jones) the fad just got annoying and unintentionally funny.

    7. YikYak


    This app spread like wildfire for a hot second, especially on college campuses. This anonymous messaging app provided some funny content, however, the cons outweighed the pros since cyberbullying increased and schools banned YikYak.

    6. The Harlem Shake


    Like the Mannequin Challenge, The Harlem Shake eventually got old fast. However, the main reason this is ranked higher is because of its' creativity. Unlike the Mannequin Challenge, many videos use props, editing, and dancing (duh).

    5. Shutter Shades


    Shutter shades were everywhere in the early 2010s. Even Barack Obama and Joe Biden got in on the fad! While they were considered stylish for a little bit, they lost their charm eventually as there was really no use to them other than wasting plastic.

    4. Silly Bandz

    Two young girls wearing tons of silly bandz on their wrists
    Mark Gail/The Washington Post via Getty Images

    The simplest trend of the early 2010s blew up within classrooms all across the world. These rubber bands literally cost about $4 a pack and led to one of the more simple fashion trends. However, they lost their popularity because of their durability. What did you expect? They are rubber bands after all.

    3. Flappy Bird

    DotGEARS Studios / Giphy

    This addicting game took the world by storm in 2013, as Flappy Bird proved to be a great time-waster for any procrastinator (example: me in high school). While not as popular as it was seven years ago, the game is still available to play on smartphones.

    2. Vine

    Parker Kit Hill / Vine, Vine

    The reason Vine is not number one is because of some of the Viners that became famous (*cough* Jake Paul *cough*), but this app gave us some of the funniest short-form videos ever. The Vine compilations from YouTube are endless for a reason, and Vine will forever hold a place in 2010s culture.

    1. Ice Bucket Challenge


    And now a fad that actually did some good! The Ice Bucket Challenge raised millions for ALS organizations and brought more awareness to the disease. Thanks to advocates, including Pete Frates and Anthony Senerchia, this 2014 trend was one of, if not the most proactive and positive of the 2010s.