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Ed Sheeran Is Back

Ed Sheeran has finally returned with his "Divide" album. Khalid makes his debut album with "American Teen" and several artist make returns with quality singles.

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Ed Sheeran - Divide

This is a little change of pace from what I have been reviewing. Going to expose my softer side to you all with this blog. Ed Sheeran's last album came in 2014 and now he has finally returned to swoon the minds and hearts of people all around the world.

I've always been a fan of Ed's style of music. It's pop but it has a folk music style to it which I feel he does an astounding job of intertwining the two. He built a lot of hype with the album releasing single "Shape of You" which did amazing with listeners.

The rest of album followed suit. There's something for just about everyone on this album. "Eraser" and "Galaway Girl" have a hip hop and folk feel to it that perfectly blends. "Castle on a Hill" could be played at any festival and of course he gives us his serenades with every other song on the album.

Overall I think this was a great return for Ed. He brought everything he had to the table and surely delivered.

Album Grade: 8.8/10

Khalid - American Teen

Khalid's debut album has finally arrived and the masses are pleased. The young artist has started his career off strong, introducing the world to his impressive vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

He took the music industry by storm when he released his first single "Location". The song caught everyone by surprised and soon enough everyone was asking "Who is this guy?"

The 18 year old, Texan product brings us "American Teen" which is all about the typical teenagers life. The good, the bad, the heart breaks and the adventures its all here. There's no doubt that the album vibes and Khalid is on path to take his career very far at this rate.

Album Grade: 8.2/10


Those were the two big albums that released this week. Here's some singles I would take a look at as well. Til next week!

Lana Del Rey - Love

Lorde - Green Light

Cash Cash and Rozes - Matches

Gryffin and Ilenium - Feel Good (feat. Daya)

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