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Big Sean Steals The Show

Week two of new music Saturdays features albums from Big Sean, Lupe Fiasco and new upcoming artist Sampha.

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Week 2

Welcome to week two of new music Saturdays. We've had a quality selection of albums come out since the last post. Let's waste no time and jump right into it.

Big Sean - iDecided

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If almost everyone thinks Big Sean is a great rapper, I fail to see how he can still be "underrated". However I guess you would rather be underrated than overrated. Sean more than delivered with his new album "iDecided". The combination of his unique flow and the impressive beats Sean is able to create arguably his best work.

Sean brought on a star studded cast to increase the nobility of his album. Sean brought Eminem virtually out of the dead to give him a halfway decent verse. We hear the stellar vocals of Jeremih and The Dream. And even the boys who can't lose, Migos find their way onto a song.

Notable Songs:

Bounce Back

Sunday Morning Jetpack feat. The-Dream

Sacrifices feat. Migos

Rating: 8/10

Sampha - Process

The British artist finally shows the rest of the world what he's capable of with this beautiful debut album. Sampha gives us beautiful raw emotion into each of his song. This R&B masterpiece is sure to put you straight into your feelings.

It's always impressive when a artist completes an album with no features. It's almost dangerous to do so especially when you're a new artist. Sampha on the other hand delivers and hopefully will get the recognition he deserves.

Notable songs:

Plastic 100 C

Timmys Prayer

(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano

Grade: 9/10

Lupe Fiasco - DROGAS Light

If i'm not mistaken Lupe Fiasco had retired at some point in the recent past, but he's back with yet another album. I used to be a huge Lupe fan with his classic albums "Food and Liquor" and "The Cool". Since then i'd say he's fallen off.

After listening to this album I would say it might be time for Lupe to actually retire. The flow just isn't there anymore. There's only a couple songs worth noting out of this album. I'm a fan of Wild Child feat Jake Torrey. A catchy song that's fun to sing along too. Lupe also brings Rick Ross and Big K.R.I.T onto "Tranquillo". Not a bad song at all. Ross low key always delivers when featured on a song. Also an impressive song Lyrically.

Rating: 6/10

That'll just about do it as far as this week is concerned. I'll catch you all next week!

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