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17 Hilarious Moments From Varun Dhawan And Arjun Kapoor's "Koffee With Karan" Episode

Arjun is the typical bully other brother.

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Childhood BFFs Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan appeared on Koffee With Karan for the first time.

Here are some moments from the episode:

1. When Arjun recalled Varun's hamming in acting school.

2. When Karan asked Arjun what he does for sex now that he's single.

3. When Varun confessed to never being able to keep a shirt on.

4. And when Arjun too, turned out to be an at-home nudist.

5. When Arjun threw this shade Varun's way.

Varun literally had to cover his eyes to deal with it.

Varun literally had to cover his eyes to deal with it.

6. When they had these spectacularly contradictory reactions to watching a movie clip that they'd shot in acting school.

Varun felt proud that their old video had found its way to national TV. Arjun didn't want that exposure for the movie.

7. When Varun spoke about the ground-breaking roles he and Arjun played as film school students.

8. When Varun's sudden Marathi dazzled Arjun, mid-scene.

^Karan made them improvise scenes based on hilarious scenarios.

9. When Arjun just couldn't stop the needless shade-throwing.

10. And when Karan sassed them both.

Because nobody gets to be sassier than him on his show.

Because nobody gets to be sassier than him on his show.

11. When Arjun and Varun demonstrated peak sibling behaviour.

12. When during a round of “Kill, Marry, Hook-up”, Arjun concerned us all about the status of his bromance with Ranveer.



13. And when Arjun started getting really, really possessive about Ranbir.

14. When Varun ranked Priyanka Chopra first in a list of actresses he likes best because of her proximity to Dwayne Johnson.

15. When Arjun's savagery after winning the hamper made Varun rethink their friendship (probably).

16. When the buzzer, once again, almost ended friendships on Koffee With Karan.

Something needs to be done about those faulty buzzers because they haven't worked even once (and have pissed many people off) since season 1.

17. And when Arjun and Varun acted like a pair of unsupervised toddlers, trying to beat each other in a quiz.

Watch the full episode here.