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I Don't Know About You But Ranveer Singh Has Had A Fucking Intense Day

I want his life.

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Hey all you peeps probably stuck in traffic right now, listen. You may have had a typical Tuesday but guess who didn't AF; our potential best friend and lover Ranveer Singh. Let me take you through this.

First, he went to a highly expensive club that he's obviously a member of, to start the day with football. Though he seemed like a rando practising ball control all by himself, he wasn't. The other people weren't important enough to be photographed.

After the eventful game, Ranveer walked into a sea of paparazzi. It was then he began this 🔥 trend where one can wear leggings with shorts and look sexayyy.

Viral Bhayani

To pull this off, all you need is killer confidence and like, a pair of leggings and a pair of shorts.


But I digress. So, after Ranveer was like "wassup homies" with the paps, this man with a neck tattoo that read "Baba" caught his eye. Ranveer proceeded to put all the well-deserved spotlight on to that tattoo.


I'm not sure when, how or at what time but Ranveer's day went for a DRAMATIC toss. He tweeted about getting stung by a bee and being introduced to whole new world of pain. He channeled that pain to make this unforgettable pun:

To anyone who suddenly feels like listening to the original...

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You're welcome.