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    A Video Of Sonakshi Sinha Bullying Kanan Gill Accidentally Gave Me A Movie Idea For Them

    Have faith, I make sense.

    Sonakshi Sinha and Kanan Gill play BFFs in the upcoming slice-of-life movie Noor.

    - / AFP / Getty Images

    And I feel like Kanan was miscast as the best friend. The producers should have hired him instead to play the role of Sonakshi's oppressed sibling...

    Because the BTS making-of shows Sonakshi displaying model older sister behaviour on-set.

    If Kanan and Sonakshi decide to make another movie, here's the plot: Bully sister and UFC enthusiast Sonakshi brutally subjugates younger brother Kanan and tries to eat him outside the womb.

    Ok maybe that's just one plot point.

    Seriously, the chemistry between them will resonate with all the younger sibs who suffered, who defied authority by not handing over the remote, who refused to get water from the fridge because they were "already standing anyway"...

    ... And those who fell frequently because didi "just touched" them.

    Violence was never the solution, didi.

    Kanan already has that "screams internally" look every younger sibling knows too well.

    - / AFP / Getty Images

    And Sonakshi too, seems naturally prepped to play the most amazing older sister to Kanan.

    We'll find out how convincing they are as BFFs soon enough.

    How about you watch this clip to decide whether or not Kanan and Sonakshi should play siblings in their next movie?

    View this video on YouTube

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