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    Some Shitheads Called Priyanka Chopra Unpatriotic For "Disrespecting The National Flag"

    Let the woman live.

    Back in May, Priyanka Chopra met India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Germany and people were mad at her for "crossing her legs", "wearing a short dress" and "exposing her knees" because she was "disrespecting the Indian culture".

    And because mass unemployment is still a problem that plagues the country, people went after Priyanka for her innocuous Independence Day Instagram.

    In an adorable boomerang she posted on Instagram, Priyanka was seen waving a tricoloured scarf to celebrate India's 70th Independence Day.

    But some national treasures attacked her for "disrespecting the national flag" by using it as a "fashion" statement.

    From demanding the removal of this post, suggesting that she commit suicide and taking legal action against Priyanka, the true-blue patriots wanted no stone unturned to right this wrong.

    Priyanka hasn't responded to the hate because she's probably busy living her best life. So that's that.