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    Some Guy Was Stupid Enough To Tell Priyanka Chopra That She Wasn't Good Enough For Bollywood

    Never mess with the Queen.

    Priyanka Chopra was recently on the American talk show The View as a co-host.

    She spoke about the time, before she attained super stardom, a producer told her that her looks would come in the way of her ever becoming a successful actor.

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    And that she would have to undergo corrective surgeries if she ever wanted to be put on the map as a Bollywood actress.

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    She added that naysayers can talk all they want about her body but she doesn't care anymore.

    And plus also, by becoming a superstar in Bollywood AND a global celebrity, she showed that producer what's good.

    You can watch the clip from The View here:

    .@PriyankaChopra shares her story about body critics: "He said everything was wrong about me."

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