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    Priyanka Chopra Gave Jimmy Fallon A Little Taste Of Holi On His Show

    She was feeling homesick on holi, so Fallon made some arrangements to cheer her up.

    Last night, Priyanka Chopra appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

    And she told Fallon how she was feeling particularly "homesick" because it was the day of holi and she wasn't home to celebrate it.

    She educated Fallon about thandai and the "magical" properties of bhang that make any holi party 100x more fun.

    And Fallon, being a sweetheart, decided to have a mini holi celebration on his show with Priyanka. There were colours...

    And thandai (sans bhang)...

    And then Fallon had this absolutely fair idea.

    And so the mega fun colouring of faces began...


    Fallon hadn't quite assessed the intensity of this game. He was a little shook.

    Priyanka did a little dance after winning at holi.

    And the end result was pure joy.

    Here's a video for you all:

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