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Photos Of Vicky Kaushal And His New Abs That'll Make You Want To Jump Into A Pool

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*dabs forhead with wet wipe, sips on a juice box, sprays deo on the entirety of body* Hi there. What a grotesque, awfully hot day we're having. I have something to show you. It's not going to help deal with the temperature, it'll most definitely make the heat worse. But it's important and it's above your discomfort with the weather so here we go. Take this photo though 'cause you've placed your trust in me and given me a pageview.

You know our main man Vicky Kaushal, the excellent actor from Masaan and also AIB's Harassment Through The Ages video. HE *squirts the aforementioned juice box on face* DID A REALLY HOT PHOTOSHOOT BECAUSE PERSPIRATION IS HEALTHY.


He sat pensively to think about all the important movie roles he's about to take on that'll display his acting range. He thought all important thoughts while still being shirtless.

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