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16 Claims Kangana Ranaut Has Made About The Hrithik Saga That NEVER FRICKIN' ENDS

During interviews to promote her movie Simran, Kangana didn't hold back from making shocking claims about the mindfucking legal battle with Hrithik Roshan.

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Here's a quick recap of everything that happened in the very public spat between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut.

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* In January 2016, rumours about Hrithik asking for Kangana's ouster from Aashiqui 3 start doing rounds. Hrithik denies doing the movie. Kangana tells Pinkvilla, "I don't know why exes do silly things to get your attention."

* Hrithik tweets about there being more chances of him dating the Pope than Kangana.

* Hrithik slapped a defamation notice on Kangana, claiming that she is trying to tarnish his image in public by referring to him as her ex.

* In the notice, Hrithik demands "a press conference and an apology to him, spelling out that Kangana had not hinted at Hrithik Roshan as her 'silly ex'. Else he would make all her correspondence to him public.''

* The notice claims that since May 2014, Kangana sent Hrithik 1,439 "senseless, personal and absurd" emails and stalked him online and that she imagined a relationship between them because she is suffering from Aspergers Syndrome.

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* Kangana responds to Hrithik with a 21-page missive.

* In March 2016, Hrithik issues a public statement saying, "The mail id does NOT belong to me. I had filed a complaint in this regard with Mumbai Cyber Crime cell on 12 December, 2014 when I learnt of this impersonator communicating with said person."

* Kangana's lawyer Rizwan Siddique issues a counter statement to Hrithik's saying, "He specifically claimed that he does not know my client socially at all. If that were the truth, then how was he attending my client’s private birthday party with his entire family. There is enough proof on public platform, which sufficiently proves that Mr. Roshan is lying."

* In November 2016, the Mumbai Crime cell closes Hrithik's case as it's unable to locate an impostor stating, "We have been unable to find anything on the mail ID as the server is located in the US."


So, why are we talking about this scandal again? Because Kangana is now promoting her upcoming film Simran, meaning she's doing interviews left, right, and centre and she is NOT holding back from discussing this case.


12. On the Women's Commission letting her down:

The chairperson of Maharashtra State Commission of Women, Vijaya Rahatkar, later tweeted that Gurmeet Chaddha was never part of the commission and that Kangana didn't approach them.


So, here are all the things she's explicitly claimed or implied:

* Hrithik had an extra-marital affair with Kangana.

* Hrithik told Kangana that he couldn't publicly admit to dating her due to his divorce proceedings.

* They broke up in 2014 but Hrithik continued to harass her and hack into her email account to send himself graphic emails for two years to frame her for cyber stalking.

*In the said emails, Hrithik used text from the actual love letters that Kangana had written to him during the course of their relationship.

*Kangana complained to Hrithik's father Rakesh Roshan but the Roshan family used their clout to intimidate her.

*Kangana's sister Rangoli approached the Women's Commission to seek help but was denied any on account of the Roshan family being influential.

* In his legal notice to her, Hrithik threatened to leak the private emails and "expose" her if Kangana failed to apologise for defaming him by calling him a "silly ex".

* Hrithik tried to frame her as a mentally ill individual who'd imagined their entire relationship.

* Hrithik hired his PR machinery to buy news stories that gave the false impression that their legal battle died a natural death.

* Hrithik also hired the country's best criminal lawyer to "put her away" for good.

Hrithik is yet to comment on these accusations made against him.