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19 Hilarious Moments From Katrina Kaif And Anushka Sharma's "Koffee With Karan" Episode

Katrina Kaif should be a stand-up comedian.

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Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif made an appearance together on Koffee With Karan.

And here are some of their most hilarious and goofy moments from the episode:

1. When Katrina shaded the popularity of the show while being on the show.

2. When Anushka and Katrina revealed why they connect.

3. When Anushka was mega relatable as a person who texts erratically.

4. When Katrina had this strange problem with the set.

5. When Katrina was the most single ever.

6. And when she maintained being fiercely protective about her personal life.

7. When Katrina didn't bother with political correctness.

8. When she had a grudge against Varun Dhawan.

9. When she hilariously explained why Anushka is never in the room. Or the zone.

10. When she told this tiny tale of how men behave when turned down.

11. And when she recollected forcing brotherhood on Arjun Kapoor.

12. When Anushka just wanted Karan Johar to stop.

13. And when she felt really proud.

14. When she explained why bare-chested men weren't attractive to her.

15. When Anushka and Katrina "welcomed" Arjun to the show.

16. When Katrina couldn't figure why her female fans were shy.

17. When Anushka just wouldn't get it.

18. When Katrina gave up.

19. And when she forfeited the hamper to Arjun, calling him a charity cause.

Watch the whole episode here.