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Just A Reminder That Deepika Padukone Wore These Outfits In Her Life

Good thing she's Deepika Padukone because nobody else can pull off any of these outfits.

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It is a fact that Deepika Padukone is hella stylish and knows how to work the red carpet with her gorgeous outfits every single time.

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Seriously, she is incredible at being equally sexy and sanskaari.

1. But she wasn't always a pro at picking the right red carpet looks. Along the way, Deepika has made some questionable fashion moves.

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2. She was into weirdly shaped tulle gowns loaded with an obscene quantity of rhinestones. And whatever sacrificed itself to be that fur shrug, I weep for you.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

3. She draped this lace sari on her flawless self and despite its shortcomings, she remained flawless.

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4. And she continued upholding the worst fashion trend of wearing big belts with dresses.

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5. She was fooled by this sequinned kurta pretending to be a dress.

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6. She wore this bad decision with denims rolled-up to the knees because fashun?

7. She once pulled off this white anarkali with the most unimaginative embroidery on it.

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8. She wore this dress that came with a scarf attached to it, which was probably only a good idea on paper.


9. The zebra print on this gown was a bit overwhelming but Deepika rocked it anyway.

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10. She wore this cut-out dress which she and she alone could pull off.

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11. She wore this satin bed sheet to a formal event with so much confidence and panache.

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12. And she wore this extra outfit in an attempt to achieve unparalleled chicness.

Fortunately, all those outfits are a thing of the past and Deepika is only moving onward and upwards, fashion-wise.