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This Will 100% Remind You Of Every Sweet, Secretive Moment Of Your School Relationship

The school sweetheart that got away.

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Singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad's new music video "Tum Jab Paas" will conjure up memories of your school relationship.

You will be reminded of all the times you tried to sneakily send messages to your crush without the teacher finding out.

And of the times you played this game to pick a destiny with them:

You'll fondly think of all the lunch breaks when you happily shared your tiffin because your ~really~ strong feelings for them > your sandwiches.

You'll remember the times you sat and waited for them to call on your landline.

And of all the awkward yet beautiful kisses you had.

It got better after the first few times.

It got better after the first few times.

And of course you'll review the times teachers acted like total assholes and "reprimanded" your relationship.

But your sweetheart was their to make it okay.

Now prepare to be hit by an unexpected feels train: when your sweetheart moved away from town and you weren't ready...

So you were left behind, holding on to some semblance of a relationship that was fast approaching its doom.

And you endlessly waited for their phone calls, text messages or emails, patiently waiting for them to settle into their new lives as you uncomfortably made peace with yours.

Watch this video and get gently slapped with nostalgia now:

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The video is created by Catnip India.