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    Posted on 27 Apr 2017

    Watch Amit Trivedi And Voctronica Take You On A Musical Ride Relishing The Sound Of India

    It might make you happy cry.

    Music composer and genius, Amit Trivedi, teamed up with the a cappella group Voctronica to take us on the most mesmerising musical journey of our lives.

    In the musical act, Trivedi paid tribute to folk music from various parts of the country including Kashmir, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab and parts of South India.

    Needless to add, everybody in the audience was thrilled to be there.

    Same random woman in the crowd, same.

    Words can't describe how marvellous this experience is or how happy it'll make you, so just do yourself a favour and hit play:

    View this video on YouTube

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