sreedharp After graduating in Mechanical Engineering and spinning a rewarding career spanning from mining to metal cans in the steel Industry, Shred Pillai loves to look at softer aspects of life around us. He likes to look at the world through the swinging...
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  • A Disgusting and Macabre Chinese Journey.

    Do people blog about disgusting and macabre dreams? I don’t know. Here is something to cheer you up! My next book titled “Merchant of Macabre Dreams” is ready for writing. All I need is someone with the heart of little Alice, ready to be awed and terrified, someone who can’t get up alone in the night for a wee. Curious? Dial M for Macabre Dreams.

  • Is This The Most Romantic Window On The Earth?

    This window in a hotel room in a French town is mind boggling. The French designer obviously had some wonderful imagination about what you can see from inside and outside. What do you think it is for ? To look out or to look inside? Please give your opinion. Want to know which Hotel ? Checkout

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