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    Guys Idk..



    There have just been so many bully’s lately! There are multiple new ones just today.

    It was never like this-

    It was a safe space where we could make friends and say stuff without any judgement

    But now ..

    There are so many people that have just been horrible.

    And phsyco- *cough* marvelgirl *cough*

    Many people feel the same way I do-

    Buzzfeed is more just us trash talking Bully’s and defending eachother than us talking and making fun quizzes

    How many posts now have gone out because or about these terrible people?



    If this doesent stop soon- I’m leaving

    For good.

    I love you all so much

    You are the most amazing and supportive people 💖💖 I cant say this enough

    And to @ilovehawkeye

    Thanks for being mature enough to apologise and join our side 🙂 I know that we aren’t besties but i still feel that we need to give you a round of applause 👏 👏👏

    💖 stay strong everyone.

    I don’t know when my final decision will be made but I will be sure to keep you it’s updated and I will of course still be active ✨☺️