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14 Reasons You Want Melissa McCarthy In Your Squad

As if you needed any more reasons. Book a night in with Melissa McCarthy in Spy, now available to watch instantly on Digital HD.

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Just when you thought your squad was full, Melissa McCarthy has walked into your life as the heroine of the hilarious action-comedy Spy.

And she's total squad material.

1. Also known as CIA Agent Susan Cooper, Melissa McCarthy is everything you could want in a spy, and a squad member.

She's hot fire.

2. When she was a kid, she didn't even know how epic she was going to become.

3. But when she's needed, Agent Cooper steps up, and things get real.

4. Susan Cooper knows how to make the most of a bad situation.

It's not easy being sent out into the field as a cat lady, but she handles it. It is handled.

5. She's hilariously adorable.

6. She takes no sh*t from anybody.

That's right, take off those sunglasses, sir. Shade has been thrown.

7. And she destroys her enemies whilst still managing to look graceful and goddess-like.

Not everyone can throw a gun and keep their hair looking clean like this.

Are you overwhelmed with desire to have a Melissa McCarthy-laden squad? Same. Let's take a break with this Jason Statham montage:

He's in the movie too, as Rick Ford: the world's most epic amazing spy of all time. Well, he used to be. Now Susan Cooper (aka Melissa McCarthy) is.

8. When there's a man on her back, Susan Cooper-McSquad will tell him to get off.

9. Sometimes she makes mistakes, but we all do.

We've all accidentally eaten the hand towels at a restaurant. Right, guys?

10. When she falls over, she gets back up again and continues to slay.

11. She's so smart and enchanting, even super villains can't help but to fall for her charms.

Sorry, Rose Byrne's character "Rayna" — you have been owned, and you don't even realize.

12. But if there's no time to charm them, she'll just kick their ass in the kitchen.

We mean literally. Agent Melissa SquadCarthy does not have time for "cooking."

13. They won't even see it coming.

*Drops mic, and fry pan.*

14. And when she's not destroying with her physical strength, she's destroying with her jokes.

The squad is officially open for applications, Ms. McCarthy. Thank you and good night.

All imagery courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

Post up and see Melissa McCarthy kill it in the unrated cut of Spy, now available on Digital HD. Watch it instantly here.

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And may all your squad goals become a reality.