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9 Reasons We All Want To Be Friends With Dave Foley

Dave Foley is a first-ballot comedy Hall of Famer, and that's only one of the reasons we wish he were our friend. Foley Fans, rejoice: Dave has a brand-new show, Spun Out, Fridays at 8 p.m ET on CTV.

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1. Basically, the man is a legend in the comedy industry. / Via NBC

In essence, he spent four years locked in a room with Phil Hartman, Joe Rogan, and would-be Sid Caesar assassin Andy Dick. He probably could not tell a boring story if you paid him to.

2. He's an international treasure as a character actor.

Where to even begin? Hecubus, Bruno Puntz Jones, Mr. Heavyfoot, the boss at A.T. & Love, the Sizzler Sisters. Even when he's basically himself, he's a world-class crazy guy in one of the best, and simplest, sketches ever filmed.

5. Still, Dave takes animal rights very seriously.


You might expect a famous comedian to dedicate his free time to destroying all animal life on the planet.* Well, sorry to disappoint you, but Dave Foley is an outspoken supporter of our multi-legged friends, appearing at fundraisers for organizations such as PETA and the Much Love Celebrity Comedy Benefit.

*OK, you probably wouldn't expect that. Maybe you would. Maybe you're a cynic. We don't know you. Either way, Foley's great with animals.

6. He doesn't just protect animals — did you know he also saved comedy icon Sid Caesar's life once?

Many years ago I saved Sid Caesar from being accosted by Andy Dick in a men's room at an NBC party. Maybe my best comedic contribution.

Dave Foley@DaveSFoley

Many years ago I saved Sid Caesar from being accosted by Andy Dick in a men's room at an NBC party. Maybe my best comedic contribution.

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7. He's a pretty, pretty lady (when he wants to be). / Via CBC Television

Not every comedian can pull off drag (lookin' at you, Sandler). Counting The Kids in the Hall, Saturday Night Live, and It's Pat (above), Foley could have had a halfway decent comedy career just as a woman.

8. His on-screen work is stellar, but his silky voice is also a major player in the animated world.

Pixar / Everett Collection

Foley has done some great voice work, co-starring as Terry in Pixar's Monsters University and as Flick in A Bug's Life. Lately, he's branching out into video games, appearing as Yes Man in Fallout: New Vegas.

9. Of course you want to hang out with him. He only rolls with insanely funny people. Aren't you lucky?

Ben Hider / Getty Images

If anyone ever carved a sketch comedy Mount Rushmore — and we wish somebody would — the Kids in the Hall would be nestled right in between Monty Python and Mister Show... KITH inspired a whole generation of weirdos to forsake school, jobs, and intelligent life goals in order to pursue a career in comedy.