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14 Signs You Were Born An Artist

Ever wondered where your creativity might lead you? Well, nobody actually knows that (sorry), but here are some signs you might be destined for artistic greatness…

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1. You surround yourself with things that inspire you.

Flickr/Natasha Leite (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: natashamarieleite

Your room might look a bit messy to some, but all of these trinkets, vinyl, books, posters, paintings, and those weird pots you found in a shop by the seaside that time in 2008? They all act as a 3D scrapbook for you.

4. ...but you don’t read *too* much.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

It's about finding a balance. As important as it is to garner creativity from great books, sometimes you just need to put the e-reader away and look around you. There's so many sources of imaginative stimulation around us at all times, it'd be a right waste to not make the most of them.

6. You’ve probably been called “a bit weird”.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

Sometimes, people like to poke fun at things they don't understand. Once you know it's just because they just don't get it, you're fine with it.

7. You are ridiculously good at buying presents.

Universal Pictures / Via

Like, seriously. Christmas represents a roller-coaster time for your friends and family. They know you're going to totally NAIL their gift, but they'll have to try VERY hard to come ANYWHERE close in return.

8. You have a visual mind...


Your dining room table is a mess of scrawled-on pieces of paper and idly carved drawings. Every notebook and school book you've ever had is covered in little drawings and scribbles. That's just how it goes.

10. Your emotions play a huge part in what you do.

Ivan Kmit / Getty Images / Via

You've been called "headstrong", but that's not quite accurate – everything you do is based on your instinct and emotions. That might lead to a few mistakes, but it sure saves you a lot of time, meaning you've got long enough to fix it.


It is something that encompasses everything you do – you're someone who takes note of what's gone before with a nod and a smile, but you go ahead and forge your own path anyway.

That's what genius is, right?

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