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How To Have A New Year's Party That's Actually Fun

Ring in the New Year in a whole new way. Check out these tips, featuring items scanned in using Sprout by HP, an innovative new computing platform.

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1. Make it a snack potluck.

You’re too old for parties without food, but too young for parties with a heavy dinner. Have your guests bring a bite-size festive treat, then sprinkle edible glitter on everything.

2. Give it a dress code.

Whether it’s strictly cocktail attire or strictly footie pajamas, everybody loves a reason to dress up.

3. Play resolution bingo.

Before the party, have everyone submit two or three of their New Year’s resolutions. Pop them into a bingo grid, and have your guests ask around to match each resolution to its maker. Get more instructions here.

4. To maximize likes on event photos, a step and repeat goes a long way.

The right backdrop gives even the worst selfies some sparkle. Dedicate one of your walls to something people can pose in front of, and watch the likes roll in.

5. Take things up a notch with a DIY GIF booth.

GIFs or it didn’t happen. Grab a phone tripod, and download a GIF-creation app, then give people accessories they can pose with.

6. Make a 2015 prediction calendar.

Deconstruct a 2015 calendar and use it to cover a wall. Then have everyone write their predictions for the year ahead. Be wary, though — things could get weird.

7. Invite pets.

No matter how good your party is, animals will always make it better. You can tell your guests the event is pet-friendly, or you can take matters into your own hands by registering as a host with sites like

8. Bring Secret Santa back.

It’s been a whole week since you exchanged gifts with your loved ones, and that’s way too long. Assign each of your guests a name, then have them bring an accessory for their Secret Santa to wear all night.

9. Play a game of "pin the kiss."

Print out images of your guests, and attach magnets to the back. Then find a fridge, and let people play Cupid.

All the above GIFs used the technology of Sprout by HP, a new computing platform combining a scanner, hi-res camera, desktop computer, and more.