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13 Creative Professionals Show Us What's In Their Bags

Take note, adjust bag accordingly. Using Sprout by HP to scan and capture real-world objects, 13 creative minds showed us what they carry all day.

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In her tote:

1. Tea Set Plate: "I love old tea set pieces, and always seek them out at vintage stores."

2. Diet Wristband: "This is from a happening — basically an art installation — that I worked as Creative Director for. It was crazy — we had fuzzy chairs and custom treadmills and trampolines."

3. Lip Purse: "That's actually my wallet. It was my mom's, then she gave it to me."

4. '90s Choker: "I originally started making chokers, and everyone was asking me for them. Soap was a great, bio-degradable way to package them, and that's how this all got started!"

5. Tiger Figurine: "I put more than just chokers in my soap now, so I always have random trinkets around my bag."

In her purse:

1. Fabric Samples: "The dark one is my favorite. I hate working in velvet, but I love velvet, so I make the sacrifice."

2. Needle & Thread: "I always keep this in my bag since I usually forget to sew labels in my items before I send them out."

3. Lipstick: "I hate the color pink, but for some reason — I guess it's my olive skin tone — this color looks really good on me. So that's the only part of me I'll allow this color to go on."

4. Glasses: "Technically, I should wear these all the time, but I always choose to wear them when I'm sewing. I don't want contacts because they ruin my naps, and I'm a big napper."

In his backpack:

1. Alpaca Key Chain: “I flew down to Peru to play piano, rented a car, and drove up to Huaraz. Alpacas are big down there.”

2. Sticker: “This is my motto/philosophy. I put it on a sticker, and sell these when I street perform. Rather than just play piano, I wanted to have something inspiring to give to people.”

3. Gloves: "These are for moving pianos."

4. Fingertip Bandages: “I move pianos, and play pianos, and sometimes my nails will chip or my fingertips will get hurt. These are fingertip bandages — very specific."

In his bag:

1. Wi-Fi Code: "These things just pile up."

2. Medicine: "You never know when you're gonna need it."

3. Pocket Tool Set: "This is a multi-tool. Again, you never know when you're gonna need it — to cut something, or fix something, or open a bottle of something..."

4. Receipt: "This is a receipt from a shoot I did in Germany. Six months ago."

5. Pens: "Since I'm a filmmaker, my tools of the trade don't really fit in here. All I really need is something to write on, something to write with, something to read, and my computer."

Jamie Wolfond founded Good Thing, a product company. He now runs the business and co-designs with his girlfriend.
Photo Credit: Benjamin Kicic / Courtesy Jamie Wolfond

Jamie Wolfond founded Good Thing, a product company. He now runs the business and co-designs with his girlfriend.

The Sticker Clock can be reapplied up to 200 times and doesn't damage walls.
Credit: Alyssa Kirsten / Courtesy Jamie Wolfond

The Sticker Clock can be reapplied up to 200 times and doesn't damage walls.

In his backpack:

1. Silver Thingy: "This is a prototype of a hammered bowl we decided not to produce. We often design items then decide not to continue, but bits of our shelved products sometimes find their way into new ones."

2. Sketchbook: "For sketching!"

3. Wallet: "For paying!"

4. Banana-Shaped Thingy: "We're designing a magazine holder that can stand up a piece of paper or magazine just by curving it. This is a paper model — the real one would be slipcast stoneware."

5. Candle: "Another sample. In general, I bring these around in my backpack — it's hard to make decisions about a product when I've only seen it in our studio."

In her bag:

1. Sage (& Palo Santo, below): "Always have these on me. They cleanse energy, and I hang out with a lot of weird people — we're always creating spaces for one another."

2. Pill Box: "I keep ibuprofen in it… usually."

3. Notebook: "It's my daily intentions notebook — every day, I try to write my goals and what I'm thankful for."

4. Egg: "That's a shaker. I'm always making noise. I usually have a tambourine. I love to dance, and a shaker is a nice accessory when you're dancing."

In his bag:

1. Film: "I'm working on a project where I collect people's undeveloped rolls of film and shoot on top of them."

2. Deodorant: "Non-aluminum. I don't like that aluminum on my armpits."

3. Duck Pen: "My family calls me 'Duck,' so they gave it to me for Christmas."

4. Script: "I never keep my audition scripts clean, and that makes them less sacred, which makes it easier for me to memorize my lines for some reason."

5. Apple: "That's a snack."

In her purse:

1. Blue Pouch: "This is an electronic pouch, featuring Wi-Fi on the go, film, a tripod mount, etc.”

2. Floral Pouch: “The phone charger pouch. I carry two, since I’m always with people whose phones die."

3. Tie-Dye Pouch: "The miscellaneous pouch. It's full of matchbooks from restaurants as well as hotel pens, lipsticks, stamps, jewelry, etc.”

4. Lucky Handkerchief From Rome: "Because I’m obsessed with Rome. It’s where they keep the light.”

5. Cuff: “When you spend long days on set, always have an accessory to go day to night.”

In her purse:

1. Sketches: "My boyfriend is a gardener here in New York, so we have an apartment full of plants and trees (yes, actual trees) that I like to draw and create patterns from."

2. Fabric: "This is a silk handkerchief, hand marbled by me. I also hand marbled the scarf [top right]."

3. Pens: "I've used this type of pen to make all of my drawings for years; I have hundreds of them in all tip sizes and colors."

4. Stationery: "I recently started a small stationery company, and these are some of the handprinted cards I made. I always have a bunch of those floating around in my bag."

In his bag:

1. Glasses Repair Kit: “I can’t live without my glasses. If they get broken, I’m kinda screwed. I need this kit more than you'd think.”

2. Eraser: “This eraser is just made of corners — when you’re drafting and you need a corner rather than a big soft spot. I think it's hilarious and awesome."

3. Monocular: “Because it’s smaller than a binocular.”

4. Laser Pointer: “I paint a lot of murals, and I travel a lot. Laser pointers are the way to go to show measurements.”

5. Business Card Utility Knife: “I just put this in my wallet before I travel, and they never take it away from me. It comes in handy a lot."

In her purse:

1. Cat Handkerchief: “This handkerchief came with a Japanese magazine. And I guess there's a cat on my notebook too! I don’t have a cat, but I like the way cats look."

2. Tarot Cards: “My mom’s clairvoyant friend gave them to her, and she gave them to me.”

3. Juju Beads: “These were all given to me by friends. They’re different stones that represent different positive energies.”

4. Mirror: “This is a mood reader, but also a mirror.”

In her clutch:

1. Sunglasses: "These are part of my spring 2015 collection. It’s important for me to test out my own stuff — if I won’t wear it, nobody else will."

2. Edible Glitter: "I have many containers of edible glitter. You can use it on everything. I’ve had an edible glitter taco party. I’ve always loved glitter — I think it can brighten up any day."

3. Flash Drive on a Chandelier Crystal: "What else are you supposed to keep it on?"

4. Souvenirs: "For the gel finger, I was in L.A. and had brunch with friends the day after they had a Halloween party. They gave me a giant bag filled with candy, and this thing was at the bottom. The pocket mirror has a photo of my grandparents. I stole it, but I figure they wouldn’t mind."

5. Candy Corn: "I’ve been obsessed with candy corn forever — I have a candy corn tattoo, my hair is the color of candy corn. I have seven of these hand sanitizers at home."

In their backpacks:

Will (Left):

1. Fingerless Gloves: "I like a deal, and these are two for one. I can cover my hands and be warm, but also have the option to hold things."

2. BuzzFeed Pens: "Yesss. I'm obsessed with pens, and I love things in threes. I'm taking these."

3. Birthday Card: "Yesterday was our birthday, and this is a card from my good friend Steven."

Anthony (Right):

1. Candle: "A friend of mine got me this candle for my — our — birthday yesterday. I’m obsessed with candles. I have candles in my bag wherever I go."

2. Tennis Key Chain: “We’re both very competitive tennis players. We were going to play competitive tennis in college, but then we were cast in a musical, and that changed the trajectory of things.”

3. Will & Anthony Promo Card: “I manage what we do, so I always have this stuff on me."

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