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11 Signs You Are A Socially Awkward Situation Saver

Not all heroes wear capes. Most just save the day by making potentially awkward situations a little less awkward. Here's signs you know how to Cut Through the Heat and can save any situation – brought to you by Sprite.

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1. You will stack it on purpose when a friend's joke tanks, just to take the heat off them...

2. ...and make it look like it was all part of the plan.

3. You're really good at making weird high-pitched noises when the silence starts getting too awkward.

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4. You know how to subtlety let someone know they need to change the story they're in the middle of telling because the person they're talking about is right behind them.

5. You're really good at giving the "I didn't hear you but I'm going to pretend I did" thumbs-up.

6. You can make small talk with fathers-in-law and mothers-in-law.


7. You've mastered the art of ALWAYS knowing what to do with your hands.

8. You're all about telling someone if they have something in their teeth without making it a big deal.

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9. When introducing people to each other you remember who's who and never leave anyone out.

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10. You're always on call for your mate when they're on an awkward date and they need an excuse to get out of it.

11. And if your friend ends up with sauce on them in a suspect place, you too will recreate the suspect sauce placement.

Being a socially awkward situation saver is a thankless task. So from all of us at Sprite – thank you, legends.

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