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13 Tips On How To Deal With The Most Awkward Situations Known To Mankind

Every now and then there will come a time where you will think, This is the most awkward situation of my life, but then another one will come along. Here's how you can Cut Through the Heat with Sprite.

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1. The "Made Eye Contact With Someone You Don't Know" Situation


Tip: Just keep staring at them. They'll just think you're a little blind and then feel bad.

2. The "Deep Like on Social Media" Situation

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Tip: This is a tricky fix but still fixable. Like all their photos so they don't know which photo you liked by accident. And then blame a glitch when they ask you about it.

3. The "Your Friends Have Seen You Getting Dropped Off by Your Mum" Situation

Tip: If your mum has sold you out and didn't drop you off around the corner, you now have to sell your mum out and claim she's become an Uber driver.

Tip: If your mum has sold you out and didn't drop you off around the corner, you now have to sell your mum out and claim she's become an Uber driver.

4. The "Touched Your Best Mate's Hand While Walking Beside Each Other" Situation


Tip: Footpaths are small. Now and then you're going to graze a mate's hand. Best way to move forward is just to grab their hand and hold it and keep walking.

5. The "Just Sent a Picture Intended for the S.O. to Friends" Situation


Tip: Your friends won't let you live this one down. So make it extra awkward for them so they won't want to discuss it at all by sending them all a follow-up picture far worse.

6. The "Parents Have Just Walked in on You Getting With Your Lover" Situation


Tip: Your parents are like the T. rex from Jurassic Park — if you don't move or make any sounds they won't see you and just leave quietly.

7. The "Trying to Hold a Lift for Someone but you Press the Wrong Button on Them" Situation

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Tip: Sorry isn't good enough. Just get off at the next floor and walk the rest of the way to avoid the shame rays from those in the lift who saw what you did.

8. The "Showing Something You Found Funny on the Internet to Someone and They Don't Laugh" Situation

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Tip: Pretend that the computer is frozen and that wasn't the thing you wanted to show them, then proceed to pick up your computer and throw it out the nearest window.

9. The "Thought You Had Your Headphones in but You Didn't and Everyone Heard the Cheesy Song You Were Listening To" Situation


Tip: Best way to handle this is by standing up and singing along with the lyrics. Any song is deemed OK as long as it's for karaoke purposes.

10. The "Waved at Someone Who You Thought Was Your Friend but They Weren't" Situation

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Tip: Keep waving until they wave back. Now you have a new friend for life.

11. The "Someone Went for a High Five but you Went for the Fist Bump" Situation

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Tip: If you name this fist bump/high five mash-up then it’s not a mistake but an "in joke" or "secret handshake" between friends.

12. The "Just Got a Haircut but the Hairdresser Messed It Up and You Have to Pretend You Like It" Situation


Tip: How do you feel about hats?

13. The "Adding Your Crush on Social Media and Your Mum Presses Like" Situation


Tip: Yeah, nah. This one's tough.

Remember there will always be another awkward situation waiting for you, but don't fear because you'll always be able to Cut Through the Heat with Sprite. They've got your back no matter what.

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