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20 Fans Losing Their Marbles Over Amazing Sports Moments

Sporting events can transform the most mild-mannered people into raving lunatics. Here is the full range of emotions a fan might experience in response to "DaDaDa" moments.

1. It's sports and you're pumped up!

2. Good things are happening and you can't handle it.

3. You throw all of yourself into cheering every great moment.

4. And get whipped into a frenzy.

5. You're taking a second look with your bro.

6. Getting all bossy and screaming commands at players and fans alike.

7. And becoming completely drunk on power.

8. But circumstances change quickly.

9. And good fortune can evaporate in an instant.

10. Leaving you shell-shocked.

11. Trying to play it off like it's no big deal.


Notre Dame fans know this feeling well.

12. And going through all the stages of grieving.

13. But you buck up, because anything can happen. You can will your team back into the game.

14. You can poison the opposition with the collective weirdness of your friends.


The Cameron Crazies have mastered this.

15. The crazy energy starts to build again.

16. You've been taken over by an evil spirit.

17. Your eyes bug out.

18. You're inspired to remove a few items of clothing...

19. ...and smear ice cream on your face? You're almost past the point of no return...

20. When suddenly the game is over and you're mentally and physically drained, staring off into the distance.


Whether it's something amazing in sports or your daily life, whenever you hear "Da-Da-Da, Da-Da-Da," you know something amazing just happened.

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