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23 Reminders That Cake Makes Everything Better

Let us eat cake.

1. Chocolate Cake Pops


Duh. Get the recipe here.

2. Cake Batter Milkshake

Andrea Kang / Via

Cake batter is better than a baked cake anyday, am I right? Get the recipe here.

3. S'mores Microwave Cake

Lila Thulin / Via

Because everyone loves s'mores. Grab the recipe here.

4. Double Glazed Funfetti Cake Donuts

Annie Madole / Via

I donut think you'll hate this. Find the recipe here.

5. Cookie Butter Cake Ball

Rae Steinbach / Via

Another excuse to eat cookie butter. Grab the recipe here.

6. Nutella Cake in a Mug

Meredith Marcus / Via

Reason #19082938 why we love Nutella. Recipe here.

7. Microwave Momofuku Birthday Cake Truffles


Get fancy. Find out how here.

8. Boozy Chocolate Rum Cake

Hayden Carder / Via

Everybody gettin' tipsy. Recipe here.

9. Vegan Chocolate Biscoff Crunch Ice Cream Cake

Shivangi Surana / Via

Whoa. Grab the recipe here.

10. Pumpkin and Chocolate Cake Mix Muffins

Sarah Stettin / Via

Eat cake for breakfast. Recipe here.

11. Red, White and Blue Cake Balls

Megan Prendergast / Via

#Murica. Find out how to be patriotic here.

12. Lemon & Yogurt Olive Oil Cake

Lexi Godfrey / Via

You don't even need measuring cups for this one. Find out how here.

13. Five-Ingredient Chocolate Cake

Gaby Scelzo / Via

It's like brownies, but better. Grab the recipe here.

14. Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes

Zoe Zaiss / Via

Cupcakes are just mini cakes, right? Grab the recipe here.

15. Coconut Blueberry Cake with Cinnamon Oat Poppyseed Topping

Kristine Mahan / Via

In case, you know, you want to be healthier. Recipe here.

16. Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

Caroline Liu / Via

Premade errthang. Get the recipe here.

17. 2-Ingredient Vanilla Cake

Jenny Park / Via

Find the recipe here.

18. Microwave Chocolate Cake

Kelda Baljon / Via

The most delicious little cake you'll ever bake. Grab the recipe here.

19. Cake with a Pie Inside

Isabelle Chu / Via

Wait, what? Recipe here.

20. Banana Cake

Kendra Valkema / Via

Is there really a better way to start the day? Recipe here.

21. Single Serve Pumpkin Cake

Emily Hu / Via

Let's pretend it's our favorite season. Find out how here.

22. Nutella Peanut Butter Lava Cake


Look at that delicious ooze. Get the recipe here.

23. Lemon Poke Cake

Megan Tang / Via

The secret ingredient? Condensed milk. Recipe here.

Bonus: Birthday Cake Shots

Steven Baboun / Via

It's not even my birthday, but I'll take 'em. Recipe here.

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