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    33 Healthy Things To Eat After You Work Out

    Recover with these easy recipes. Personal trainer not included.

    1. Green Smoothie

    Yonatan Soler / Via

    Because duh. Recipe here.

    Recipes originally appeared on Spoon University.

    2. Shakshuka

    Ashley Manning / Via

    Eggs on eggs. Recipe here.

    3. Microwavable Couscous Greek Salad

    Megan Prendergast / Via

    Mug snacks for all. Recipe here.

    4. Buddha Bowl

    Hannah Cather / Via

    #eatclean. Recipe here.

    5. Wild Rice and Veggie Stuffed Pepper

    Megan Prendergast / Via

    Vegetarian goodness up in here only using Trader Joe's ingredients. Learn how here.

    6. Almond Butter Protein Balls

    Keni Lin / Via

    Recharge, yo. Here's how.

    7. Asparagus Fries

    MaryRachel Bulkeley / Via

    A great, low-carb alternative. Recipe here.

    8. Brûleéd Grapefruit

    Jocelyn Hsu / Via

    Hit up that Vitamin C. Learn how here.

    9. Vegan Waffles

    Danielle Cahoon / Via

    Made with chia seed pudding, who woulda thunk it? Recipe here.

    10. Chicken Pita

    Abigail Wilkins / Via

    Double the protein with the chicken and creamy yogurt dressing. Recipe here.

    11. Baked Egg in an Avocado

    Lauren Feld / Via

    Protein and good fat. Plus it tastes great. Here's how.

    12. Mini Zucchini Pizza Bites

    Nadia Zanardi / Via

    Pop 'em like it's hot. Recipe here.

    13. Frozen Greek Yogurt Banana Poppers

    Abigail Wilkins / Via

    Forget ice cream, eat these instead. Recipe here.

    14. Raspberry Breakfast Popsicles

    Lily Allen / Via

    Cool down with these. Learn how here.

    15. Homemade Banana Peanut Butter Granola Bars

    Alex Tom / Via

    Better than the packaged stuff. Make 'em like this.

    16. Frozen Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

    Stephanie Nguyen / Via

    Keep that energy up. Recipe here.

    17. Vegan Nectarine and Berry Oats

    Maggie Harriman / Via

    Let 'em sit overnight and they'll be ready after your morning gym sesh. Recipe here.

    18. Vegan Chocolate and Cherry Protein Shake

    Hana Ezaldein / Via

    Tastes better than a milkshake, legit. Recipe here.

    19. Mason Jar Salad

    Bernard Wen / Via

    Perfect for on the go. Recipe ideas here.

    20. PB&J Breakfast Parfait with Banana and Frozen Berries

    Maggie Harriman / Via

    So much yum in one bowl. Get the recipe here.

    21. Chia and Flaxseed Microwavable Oatmeal

    Becky Hughes / Via

    Nuke it. Recipe here.

    22. Open-Face Egg and Asparagus Sandwich

    Ashton Caudle / Via

    Ditch that second piece of bread. Recipe here.

    23. Blueberry & Agave Smoothie

    Rachel Piorko / Via

    Health in a glass. Recipe here.

    24. Edible Banana Granola Bowls

    Audrey Mirabito / Via

    S'cute. Recipe here.

    25. Zoodles

    Mujahid Zaman / Via

    Spiralize me, cap'n. Pesto recipe right here.

    26. Sriracha, Avocado & Egg Burrito

    Briana Jones / Via

    You can make it in the microwave. HYFR. Recipe here.

    27. Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Coconut and Yogurt Dip

    Audrey Mirabito / Via

    Serve it with these banana chips and you'll be feeling real healthy. Recipe here.

    28. Mango Banana Pitaya Bowl

    Phoebe Melnick / Via

    Move over, açai. Recipe here.

    29. Salmon Sushiritto

    Jayna Goldstein / Via

    And if the salmon's cooked, you don't even have to touch raw fish. Yas. Recipe here.

    30. Microwavable Fried Rice in a Mug

    Katherine Baker / Via

    Veggies, protein, carbs. Recipe here.

    31. Healthy Instant Ramen

    Mujahid Zaman / Via

    Because sometimes all you have lyring around is ramen. Healthify it like this.

    32. Turmeric Roasted Chickpeas

    Kristine Mahan / Via

    Seriously addicting. Recipe here.

    33. Breakfast Omelette in a Mug

    Megan Prendergast / Via

    This can't get any easier. Recipe here.