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    15 Things That You Can Actually Make In A Blender

    You know, other than margaritas.

    1. Whipped Eggs

    Clarisse Callahan / Via

    Don’t sprain your wrist trying to whisk everything together. Instead, toss your eggs and milk into the blender and give them a quick blitz. Make this omelette after you whip.

    2. Hollandaise Sauce

    Kathleen Kennedy / Via Spoon University

    Your trusty blender is the key to making a silky smooth sauce in no time flat. Here’s the recipe. And here’s a spiced-up eggs Benedict recipe that’ll show off your new Hollandaise-making skills.

    3. Salad Dressing

    Malia Hu / Via Spoon University

    Whip up a quick carrot-ginger dressing that’s free of preservatives, artificial colors, and other general nastiness. Recipe here.

    4. Guacamole

    Lily Lou / Via Spoon University

    Save your energy and make your guac in the blender. Here’s the recipe that made Chipotle famous.

    5. Chocolate Mousse

    Cat Taylor / Via Spoon University

    Using just an egg, some heavy cream, chocolate chips, and your handy dandy blender, you’ll have silky and light chocolate mousse in no time. Here’s the recipe.

    6. Nut Butter

    Christin Urso / Via Spoon University

    Take control over what’s going into your peanut butter by making it yourself. Here's the recipe.

    7. Muffin Batter

    Katherine Baker / Via Spoon University

    Ain’t nobody got time to make them from scratch. Thankfully, you can use your blender to speed up the batter-making process. Here’s a recipe that takes less than an hour.

    8. Gluten-Free Pancake Batter

    Zoe Zaiss / Via Spoon University

    These 2-ingredient pancakes can be made even faster with some help from your blender. Just dump everything in and blend until smooth. Here’s the recipe.

    9. Vegan Ice Cream

    Nick Schmidt / Via Spoon University

    10. Cheese Sauce

    thepinkpeppercorn / Via

    Believe it or not, the blender is the perfect tool for making gloriously smooth cheese sauce. Use it on steamed veggies or mix with some pasta for mac ‘n cheese, and try to resist the urge to bathe in it (or don’t). Here's a mac 'n cheese recipe for your worries.

    11. Broccoli Cheddar Soup

    Parisa Soraya / Via Spoon University

    For this 5-ingredient recipe, you simply simmer everything together, then blend. Recipe here.

    12. Salsa

    Jacky Falkenberg / Via Spoon University

    Here’s a tequila-infused salsa recipe guaranteed to get the party started.

    13. Crêpe Batter

    Parisa Soraya / Via Spoon University

    While the blender is sometimes too aggressive for pancake batter (read: tough pancakes), it works perfectly for crêpe batter. Simply add in all of the ingredients and blend. Here’s a basic recipe to get you started.

    14. Slushies

    Kelly Logan / Via Spoon University

    Skip the trip to 7-Eleven and make a brain freeze-inducing slushie at home. Add some booze to make this grown-up version.

    15. Powdered Sugar


    If you find yourself out of powdered sugar and too lazy to go to the store, just add a cup of granulated sugar into the blender, and blend until it reaches the consistency of powdered sugar. Use it in this Red Velvet Puppy Chow recipe.

    For more, check out Spoon University.