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People Share Stories From Their Batman-Obsessed Childhoods

You weren't just pretending. Oh, no. In your mind, you were Batman.

We sent a ˜signal˜ out to the BuzzFeed community to share their childhood Batman obsession memories and in true Batman-style, they stepped up. Here they are, in all their Bat-glory:

The 12" Wingsuit Batman™ figurine in the original packaging

1. "My friend was able to acquire the mask, large yellow and black bat symbol button, and a homemade cape. He brought these items to a fall festival our elementary school held every year."

2. "For Easter one year, I found a Batman costume in my Easter basket."

View down a narrow staircase with a railing

3. "I used to have Batmobiles, a Batwing, a Batbike, action figures, and a Batcave house."

"I set up everything under my basement staircase as my own Batcave play area. I would recreate different interactions."


4. "I was obsessed with Batman when I was younger (and still)."

"I used to make a cape out of anything I could (i.e., bathroom towels). Well, my mother got tired of me using her good towels and made me a cape. I wore it EVERYWHERE. Came to find out my mother made the cape out of my grandmother’s pantyhose."

—Justin, Facebook

5. "When I was about 7, I was so into Batman that I made my own costume from old clothes and costume pieces. I also would test out my 'Batarang,' which was a small garden rake with rope tied at the end."

A stark, black rake on a white background

6. "I had a giant Batman action figure and would watch the animated series while holding it."

—Matthew, Facebook

7. "Back when I was a kid (and still a bit now), all I did was live and breathe Batman. I grew up watching the animated show on the daily and wearing my costume around town on days that were most definitely not Halloween."

8. "My mom stitched together my first Batman costume and like Bruce in years 1–2, I was just Batman."

"My old self became the mask and the Batman became my real identity. I was Batman numerous Halloweens in a row and my family had to bribe me to take the costume off."

—Jordan, Facebook

9. "I pretty much just WAS Batman through the early '90s."

10. "I watched Batman movies on an almost daily basis as a kid in the '90s. I even had a couple of handmade capes I would wear while running through the house and jumping off the furniture."

"There was something about a hero who was just a normal guy but had ZERO fear that really resonated with me. He was always the bravest, smartest, and most cunning person in the room and he dealt with his own personal tragedy in a way that was beyond courageous. Who didn't want to be that person as a kid?"


11. "I have a permanent scar on my forehead..."

"Because as a kid, I jumped off my bed thinking I was Batman and slammed my head into my dresser."

—Dave, Facebook

12. "I made a cowl out of cardboard. Painted it black and blue. Taped a black towel to my grey T-shirt. Made a parachute from a bedsheet with cardboard housing attached to the back of my bike."

13. "I dressed up as Batman more times for Halloween than anything else, reinventing my costume every year."

14. "I wore long, black coats in high school."

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

All images courtesy of Getty Images unless otherwise credited.

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