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10 Great Eddie Murphy Quotes

Eddie Murphy is a man with a long career in comedy, from playing in clubs to playing on the big screen. And his jokes have been just as varied. Here's some of his absolute best—and for even more, be sure to watch a tribute to comedy’s original rock star, ‘Eddie Murphy: One Night Only’ airs on Wednesday, November 14th at 10/9c only on SPIKE!

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"You know what else everybody likes? Parfaits. Have you ever met a person, you say 'Let's get some parfait.' they say, 'Hell no, I don't like no parfait?' Parfaits are delicious."


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"Got to be careful. They say having casual sex nowadays is like playing Russian roulette. And I know I've thrown my d*ck on the crap table many a night."


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[Ice cream trucks] "Kids can hear that sh*t from ten blocks away. They don't hear their mothers calling, but they hear that motherf***ing ice cream truck."


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"Now I can't have no 'curse' show, I mean I gotta throw in a few jokes in between the curses, I can't come out and go 'Hello Filth flar'n filth, motherf****er, dick, p*ssy, snot and sh*t. Good night! Suck my d*ck!' "