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11 Reasons To Get Obsessed With "Lip Sync Battle"

Little did you know that the nagging emptiness in your life could only be filled with lip sync battling. It can. Check out Lip Sync Battle Thursdays 10/9c on Spike.

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1. Firstly, the show is hosted by the illustrious Ladies Love Cool James (oft referred to as "LL Cool J").

2. He's backed up by the unreasonably gorgeous and glowing Chrissy Teigen, who is almost too charming to function.

She is everything we want to be, and we'd watch her do pretty much anything tbh.

3. You'll realize that Common has been WASTING HIS TIME doing anything other than dancing.

4. Mike Tyson is utterly fearless and free.

He is living. He is alive.

5. You will fall in love with Julianne Hough...

Spike case you're the one person who hadn't already.

6. John Krasinski will show you how to pull off that shiny little dress you've been too afraid to wear.

(And also how to break it down like a goddamn boss.)

7. He battles Anna Kendrick, who might just be the fiercest lip sync warrior out there.

She's clearly using her sweet moves and shining mane as tools of intimidation. It's working... We literally can't stop bowing down before her greatness.

It doesn't hurt that she's got the fiercest reinforcements known to man.

Jennifer Lopez = complete and utter flawlessness.

8. The Rock will prove that disco never dies (and he'll convince you that you like it that way too).

9. John Legend slays it and totally lives up to his name.

That sartorial wonder that is that vest will be etched in your memory until the day you die.

10. Justin Bieber is a sweet and carefree treasure that will make you remember why you became a #belieber in the first place.

Admit it. He is your forever love.

11. And Stephen Merchant is the definition of tasteful.

Total role model material.

So get on board and come fake sing along with Lip Sync Battle, Thursdays 10/9c on Spike.

All images courtesy of Spike.