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21 Ways To Orgasm Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

You're welcum.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best tips for achieving the perfect orgasm. Here are the life-changing results.

Obviously we're all different, and not all of these will work for everyone, so feel free to take what you want and leave the rest.

1. First thing's first: Make sure your mind is clear and relaxed.


"Your partner(s) could be doing all the right moves at all the right times, but if your mind isn't clear and cozy and happy and worry-free, you're not gonna get that orgasm."

—Katlyn Minard, Facebook

3. Whether you're alone or not, experiment with edging.

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"Just as I'm about to come, I stop and cool down for, like, 10 seconds. Then I rub some more. I do this a few more times, and then when I finally do come it's INCREDIBLE. Delayed gratification, man."


7. Don't stick with just one position, or you'll have no idea what you're missing out on.

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"The only way I know I'll orgasm in minutes is if I'm on top. I'm more for penetration than clitoral stimulation."


9. Explore several different holes.


"Midway through sex, in missionary, he put his finger in my butt while he kept thrusting into me. Sounds weird, but it was the best orgasm of my life. Actually, I ended up having three."


11. Tease yourself by thinking about what turns you on during the day, and go wild at night.

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"Casually thinking about your turn-ons and watching porn (just watching, not masturbating) during the day will make for a fantastic night when you finally do the deed."


12. Reposition your bodies so you can multitask, using your hands AND mouths while also having sex.

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"I like to ride him while he sits up and leans against something. That way he's inside of me, has one hand to play with my clit, one hand to grab/smack my ass, and can suck on my tits all at the same time. The more stimulation I get, the better the orgasm!"


19. Men, locate dat prostate.

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"Massage your prostate — whether that's with your hands, someone else's, or toys — 'cause it's a nerve center, and when it's stimulated it can lead to insane orgasms."

—Jon Paul, Facebook

20. If you're getting close, make sure your partner doesn't change their rhythm.

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"Don't start going faster because you think it'll help. Keep the same rhythm! I can't stress this enough."


21. And, of course, if you like something when it's happening... tell them!

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"Being vocal is key. If you go down on me and I can truly feel that you enjoy it too, or you tell me that you do, I melt."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.