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7 More Reasons Why Heather Is Super Awesome

Because, as we all know, you need two listicles.

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1. More sci-fi. More action. More fantasy.

Stargate Wikia / Via

Alien Egyptians, DiCaprio doppelgängers from Russia, what do they have in common? Well, nothing, really. And that's why it's awesome. Her tastes are varied. Russia and Egypt are in totally different continents, she's so worldly.

2. She gets to travel to awesome places (totally not jealous)

OpenFlights / Via

No, not all those places. Just the cool ones. And she takes awesome pictures everywhere she goes. She's got an amazing instinct for what will make a good photo.

7. Can't leave without another one of these.

Pinterest Board "unicorns pooping/farting rainbows", isn't that awesome? / Via

Unicorns shitting rainbows? That's going be a fucking BRAND for a project she's starting. And there's only one word to describe that kind of majesty: AWESOME.

So thanks, Heather.

Thanks for still being super awesome. My world's a brighter place with your light.

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