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13 "Trolls" GIFs That Define Your Sparkling Water Obsession

The thirst is real. Quench it with some Sparkling Ice and go see Trolls, in theaters everywhere on November 4.

1. At first, you were unsure about it. "Bubbles in my water?! NEVER!" you said.

2. With so many flavors out there, you were honestly overwhelmed.

3. You even tried it once and thought, Meh.

4. But then you finally found your flavor! The gateway drink.

5. Now, regular water just seems so plain without bubbles dancing on your tongue.

6. At this point, your body is basically 75% sparkling water.

7. Even though you have to pee pretty much ALL. THE. TIME.

8. You've kicked your soda addiction.

9. Every time they announce a new flavor, you can hardly contain yourself.

10. You've resorted to drastic measures just to make sure nobody steals your stash.

11. You've definitely tried to introduce sparkling water to all your friends and family.

12. But they're like, "Ew, no," even though you know they'll eventually give in.

13. In conclusion, sparkling water = life.

All images courtesy of Dreamworks.

Thirsty now? Grab yourself a Sparkling Ice and go see Trolls, in theaters everywhere November 4.

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