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    63 Paths To A Successful Career In Human Resources

    Kage Spatz sat down with 63 HR experts who are at the top of their field and found out how they found their pivotal role in Human Resources. In no particular order, let's meet these successful professionals.

    1. Jo Deal of LogMeIn

    2. Rachel Book of Fidelity

    3. Michelle Murphy of Ingersoll Rand

    4. Rose Velez-Smith of Pitney Bowes

    5. Faye Tylee of Avaya

    6. Sanji Moore of Praytell

    7. Fiona Chilcott of Hotwire

    8. Jen Warne of Lincoln Financial

    9. Jeremy Rovinsky of National Paralegal College

    10. Todd Horton of KangoGift

    11. Kathleen Brenk of Trustile Doors

    12. Carol Wood of Homebase

    13. Carolina King of Lucas Group

    14. María Luz Costa of Belatrix

    15. Marcy Hamrick of Publix

    16. Michelle Kilroy of PrimeRevenue

    17. Alanna Conant of Tripleseat

    18. Sandi Knight of HealthMarkets

    19. Elizabeth Hall of Cambia Health Solutions

    20. Gianna Driver of BlueVine

    21. Ran Reske of Resident

    22. Amelia Ransom of Avalara

    23. Russ Laraway of Qualtrics

    24. Chris Dardis of Versiquein

    25. Traci Wilk of The Learning Experience

    26. Kathleen Vegh of Hyland

    27. Nicole Solecki of RevenueWell

    28. Lauren Kramer of Lola Red

    29. Kristen Leong of M&O Marketing

    30. Jeannie Donovan of Velocity Global

    31. Chessa Eskandanian-Yee of LeaderEQ

    32. Michele McDermott Of Assurance

    33. Yuri Kruman of Employee Experience

    34. Elizabeth Mye of Intermedia

    35. Jacky Cohen Of Topia

    36. Heather Flynn Of ASML

    37. Thach Nguyen of SWORD Health

    38. David Mann Of CircleCI

    39. Jennifer Raines-Loring Of Springboard Retail

    40. Nicole Dorskind Of ThirtyThree

    41. Jane Keith of IFS

    42. Mallory Tesauro of New Moms

    43. Alex Tolbert of Bernard Health

    44. Ellen Grealish, Co-founder of FlexProfessionals

    45. Jennifer Locklear of ConnectWise

    46. Megan Barbier of Wrike

    47. Deirdre Runnette of FLEXE

    48. Melissa Jones of CSAA Insurance Group

    49. Annamarie Dunn Of Cadence

    50. Rebecca Martin of Beehive

    51. Kelli Dragovich of Looker

    52. Sandy Albers of Centauri

    53. Olga Patarroyo of DentalPlans

    54. Michael Simpson Of PAIRIN

    55. Brian Wall of LGCY Power

    56. Maria Gotes of Masergy

    57. Julie Wood of Crowe

    58. Amber Bouchard of Maven Wave

    59. Denise Leaser of GreatBizTools

    60. Juanita Hendrickson of Teradata

    61. Aileen Wilkins of GEHA

    62. Livia Martini of Gympass

    63. Zack Burt of Code For Cash