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11 Young Aussies Share What They Wish They Knew About Super Sooner

Here's to early retirement, friends.

Australian superannuation laws can be tricky to wrap your head around. With so many changes to rules, funds to choose from and a sense that it's all so remote and intangible, it's no wonder we often feel a little...disengaged, shall we say?

The better our understanding of super, after all, the more control we have of our finances — and ultimately, our future.

1. Is your employer's default fund right for you?

2. Consolidating super can be a way to save money.

3. Even minor differences between super funds can have a big, big impact.

4. Check in on your super.

5. Consider what your super fund invests in.

6. Be sure to understand the correct way to roll your super fund over to a new fund before you do so.

7. Think about salary sacrificing early in your working life.

8. When it comes to super investments, high growth super options might be a longer-term win for younger people.

9. Understand the tax benefits of making voluntary super contributions.

10. Compare super funds before making a choice about what’s right for you.

11. And finally, downloading an app to manage your super could help you keep on top of it.

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