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20 Fictional Things On South Park We Wish Really Existed

South Park is famous for its wide array of fictional brands, restaurants and even musical groups. Fans even made their beloved Cheesy Poofs become a reality. Here are some other things we've seen on South Park that would make real life that much better. And make sure you tune in when South Park’s Year of The Fan returns on October 5th at 10/9c, only on Comedy Central.

  • 1. Clyde Frog

    Clyde Frog

    Clyde Frog is the best stuffed animal Cartman has ever had. He's a loyal friend and a frequent tea party goer.

  • 2. Okama Gamesphere

    Okama Gamesphere

    To distract the kids from the "tampon incident", Stan's mother buys them a video game system, the Okama Gamesphere.

  • 3. Toyonda Pious

    Toyonda Pious

    Gerald buys a new "Toyonda Pious" hybrid car and drives it all over town to show it off.

  • 4. Chinpokomon


    The kiddos discover Japan's #1 cool toy to own: Chinpokomon.

  • 5. Chipotlaway


    A product designed to clean the blood stains out of underwear caused by Chipotle's "fiery" burritos.

  • 6. Chips a-Ho

    Chips a-Ho

    Fictional cookies that exist in the South Park universe.

  • 7. Crust E. Krotch

    Crust E. Krotch

    A more accurate name for Chuck E. Cheese.

  • 8. Plug-Ups


    The name says it all.

  • 9. Veal Roll-Ups

    Veal Roll-Ups

    Fruit Roll-Ups with a bovine twist.

  • 10. The South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch

    The South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch

    The boys use their genetic modifications, which they learned about in Mr. Hat's class, for the upcoming science fair. And then they obviously have to check out the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch.

  • 11. Happy Tarts

    Happy Tarts

    Happy Pop Tarts in the South Park world.

  • 12. Getting Gay With The Kids

    Getting Gay With The Kids

    The group's main function is to promote rainforest awareness and conservation through choir concerts.

  • 13. Medicinal Fried Chicken

    Medicinal Fried Chicken

    Cartman's beloved fried chicken.

  • 14. "It"


    John Travolta rides "It". Do you?

  • 15. Fingerbang


    Cartman corrals Stan, Kyle, and Kenny into making a band called "Fingerbang."

  • 16. Salty Chocolate Balls

    Salty Chocolate Balls

    Chef develops a new dessert treat for the film festival crowd.

  • 17. Skanque


    A perfume marketed by Paris Hilton and sold in the Stupid Spoiled Whore store in the South Park Mall.

  • 18. Heroin Hero

    A game in which the character does nothing but inject himself with heroin while literally chasing a dragon that cannot be caught, only chased.

  • 19. Snacky Cakes

    Snacky Cakes

    A brand of cakes sold in South Park.

  • 20. Moop!


    The boy's band "Moop" sounds like animals being tortured.