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11 Strangely Uncomfortable Truths About Christmas

Like they said in that song, it's the most 'wonderful' time of the year.

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1. Having to abide by your parents' annoying Christmas traditions just to keep them happy.

My parents call ugly christmas jumper parties, 'Christmas Parties'.

2. The thought of having to wade into the huge dinner-and-a-half your mum's spent the past fortnight slaving over is enough to send you into a mild panic.

Betsie Van Der Meer / Via

3. And yet, you're struck by a certain zen when you see that amount of food.

Christmas Eve is the only night of the year in which the fridge is stocked to a level I find acceptable

4. However, you know you're not allowed to touch any of it.


5. You've been planning for this day for ages...

Plan is to lose enough weight so that I can spend the Christmas period gorging guilt free.

6. ...but the inevitable happens anyway.

You know it's #Christmas when you split your trousers and aren't even surprised.

7. Having the jolliest day of the year end in an actual nightmare.

Kevin Dyer / Via

8. Each year, your Christmas requests get more and more, shall we say, "realistic".

might ask for a good radio alarm clock for christmas

9. But no matter what, you spend the entire year rehearsing our "this is great!" face to be well-prepared for the public opening of gifts.

I deserve an acting award for my performance today in "Woah, this is a terrible gift but I'll pretend to love it."

10. And then you're forced to wear whatever gift you've just been given right there and then. Even if it's two jumpers and a pair of socks, you still must wear it all.

That'll teach my brother to never get me body wash for Christmas again. Merry Christmas mate.

11. And finally, no one is ever able to escape the embarrassment that is festive headwear. Seriously, no one is safe.

No matter what Christmas throws at you, stay comfortable and relax with Southern Comfort.

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