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16 GIFs Of People Who Went Their Own Way

Be yourself: Because an original is worth more than a copy. Do whatever's comfortable, love from Southern Comfort x

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Stay Comfortable drink responsibly. For the facts

1. When you DON'T put your trousers on the same way as everyone else

2. When you're doing a boring cleaning job and figure out a shortcut

3. When you make your favourite breakfast, just the way you like it

4. When you've got work to do, so you make up a game to make the time fly

5. When you make a mistake - then totally style it out

6. When no one is watching, so you slide down the stairs / Via

Just like when you were a kid - but now you're 34.

7. When you're allowed to wear what you want to work for casual Friday

8. When you can't be bothered to walk up the stairs, so you get creative

9. When you don't want to get the bus

10. When you've got your morning routine down to a 't'

11. When you and your friend develop a new 'sport'

12. When you take pride in a really rubbish job that you're really good at

13. When you've mastered a useless skill

14. When you want to see if you can do something with your feet instead of your hands… / Via

… Because you want to know if you'd be ok if you got both your arms cut off.

15. When you're talking to someone and your bus comes / Via

"Sorry bro…"

16. When you're in the supermarket and your favourite cereal is BOGOF

Whatever you do - do whatever's comfortable:

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Because you're brilliant just the way you are.

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