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The Ultimate Guide To Being Awesomely Comfortable

Chill out, life is good! Take these tips with you wherever you go and you'll find out what it's like to be awesomely comfortable in any situation. Brought to you by Southern Comfort.

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1. Talk to everyone at parties, from the celebrities to the caterers.

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Everyone at a party has a story to tell, regardless of the car they drive. Sure, the tanned tennis pro might be in the spotlight, but it's often the bookish woman in the corner nursing a white wine who has a story about a time she fought, then befriended, a grizzly bear.

2. Master your passions, no matter how quirky or niche.

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Just because you're not in college any more doesn't mean you can't crack a book or take a class. How would your rather spend your weekend: watching golf, or learning falconry?

3. Your fashion should fit you, not the other way around.

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Fashion changes so quickly that even 22-year-old underwear models can end up awkward and uncomfortable when they jump on the latest trend. 

4. Men: top buttons should remain undone. Women: flats are always acceptable.

This one is self-explanatory. It's hard to be awesomely comfortable if you're literally uncomfortable.

5. Start conversations, not recitations.

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What would you rather hear over lunch: "How was your weekend?" or "What modern item would you send back to George Washington if you had a one-way time machine?"

7. The ultimate goal of fine dining etiquette is to make others feel comfortable...

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If you find yourself at a 5 star establishment, don't sweat the fork order, or worry if your favorite drink "pairs" well with the quail.

8. ... and when you're asked to talk, speak with confidence, and stop at a high point.

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Whether a best man's speech, or a toast for a friend who is moving to a faraway land, just keep it fun, and end when you're out of things to say. The only charm you need is sincerity.

9. Shake hands when others would politely nod, and hug when others would shake hands.

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You know what happens to people when they die after a lifetime of hugs? People build statues in their memory.

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Brought to you by Southern Comfort.