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Modern People Discuss Old-Fashioned Dating Rules

My, things have changed. But one love has stayed loyal through all the years: Southern Comfort 100 Proof.

We asked some modern BuzzFeed employees to give us their thoughts on old-fashioned dating rules.

First up, this classic 1950s tip for young women navigating the dating world:

There was this important rule from the late 1930s:

We can thank 1938 for this one:

This 19th-century affront to a basic human right:

And where would we be without this advice?

There was advice that nobody could agree on:

But other rules were unanimously awful:

There was this 1940s gem from the Esquire Handbook For Hosts:

And then there was this bizarre rule:

There’s one thing that’s stayed consistent for the last 141 years, though: Southern Comfort 100 Proof.

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