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14 Ways To Make An Awkward Date More Comfortable

First dates shouldn't be hard! With love from Southern Comfort 100 Proof.

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1. When you show up super underdressed... / Via with what you've got! Guys: fix your hair and pin a flower on your lapel. Ladies: throw your hair in an updo and slap on a red lip. BOOM, now you fancy.

2. When they look very different from their profile picture... / Via

...make it a compliment! Tell them they've matured a lot since that photo and offer to take a new one for them.

3. When there are long, uncomfortable silences...

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...start laughing, then they'll start laughing, and you'll be so busy laughing that you'll totally forget about the silence.

4. When you try to break the silence, but instead say something really awkward...

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...pick up the cocktail menu and quickly transition to deciding which drink to order next. They won't even notice.

5. When their strange eating habits are making you uncomfortable...

Paramount Pictures / Via as they do. Maybe your date is embarrassed about their lack of table etiquette and will appreciate the gesture.

6. When you accidentally say "I love you" in a conversation...

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...IT HAPPENS, OK? Quickly follow with, "I'll see myself out," and if they don't laugh...see yourself out.

7. When you start to feel sick... / Via

...face it: The only thing that's going to make you more comfortable is a blanket and some Netflix, no chill. Tell them this.

8. When the movie you suggested ends up having super-graphic love scenes...

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...insist that your mother recommended it to you and she's the real pervert here.

9. When they're spending more time looking at their phone than at you...

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...stop what you're saying and start texting them instead. It may not make the date more comfortable, but at least you've taught them a lesson.

10. When they keep talking about their ex...

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...the best way to deal with this is to just...not. Run for your life!

11. When you have a major clash of opinions...

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...agree to disagree for the night, and remind yourself that at the very least, this could be the beginning of a delightful, combative friendship!

12. When you slip and mention something you found out through stalking their social media... / Via

...heavily compliment how great their Instagram is and pray that they forget.

13. When you discover you can't pay for anything because you left your card at home...

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...PROMISE that the next date is on you, or if you suspect there will be no next date, you just scored yourself a free meal.

14. When you go in for a kiss, and they go in for a hug...

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...make a big show of doing European air kisses. They'll think you're exotic!

Congrats! You have survived your first date! Celebrate with some Southern Comfort 100 Proof. Sharing with your date is optional.

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