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15 People Who Just Don't Care About The Weather

Because the show must go on. Forget about the weather, these folks are going out.

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1. This guy that's gunna build a fire.

Stevesworldofphotos / Via Flickr: stevesworldofphotos

2. This woman that's gunna get some sun.

Kristin Masopust

3. These guys that are gunna go boating.

Lissette Fernandez / Via Flickr: luckylady777

4. This guy that's gunna go swimming.

Marijn de Vries Hoogerwerff / Via Flickr: artonice

5. These guys that are gunna go camping

Todd Nappen / Via Flickr: nappent

6. These two that are gunna get their game in.

Geek Calendar / Via Flickr: geekcalendar

7. This guy that's gunna have a photo shoot.

fPat Murray / Via Flickr: fpat

8. This guy that's gunna put on a show.

Greg Younger / Via Flickr: gregor_y

9. This guy that's gunna deliver his speech.

10. This guy.

Tony Fischer / Via Flickr: tonythemisfit

11. This guy that's gunna have a barbecue.

CJ Sorg / Via Flickr: cjsorg

12. And this woman.

13. And this guy.

Jeremy Keith / Via Flickr: adactio

14. And this guy.

Joe Loong / Via Flickr: joelogon

15. And this very comfortable weather guy.


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