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11 Ways To Punch Up Your Weekend

YAAASS — the weekend is almost here! It's time to #PunchUp your ordinary weekend and make it extraordinary.

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1. Do your least favorite chores during the week to free up your weekend!

2. Don't sleep half your days away. Get out of bed!

3. Make plans with your friends in advance, because if you wait until the last minute, it's not going to happen.

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4. That new hobby you've been thinking about trying forever? Give it a shot!

5. Or brush up on an old hobby you've been neglecting.

6. Go to a restaurant and order something really, really epic.

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7. Check out a band you've never heard of. You might just discover your new favorite!

8. Get away! Even if it's just for the day, an escape from your usual sights and sounds will do you good.

9. Do something extreme. The more it scares you, the better!

10. Play host. If none of your friends have parties anymore, throw one yourself!

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11. And don't forget — schedule some downtime so you'll be ready to take on the upcoming week!

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