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14 Times Someone Took It To The Next Level

This is some serious next levelage. Time to #PunchUp your life!

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1. This guy took getting in the car to the next level:

2. This human* took backflips to a new level:

*is he, though? How is this even possible?

3. This baby is impressing everyone with some next-level dance moves:

Doesn't think we're ready for this jelly.

4. How about this next-level trust exercise?

Like, they're at least 32 levels higher than we'd be willing to go.

5. This is some next-level putting-the-swimming-cap-on:

The likes of which we may never see again in this lifetime.

6. This is some next-level bowling:

A super-lucky strike, or magic? We'll never know.

7. This cat took escaping to the next level:

Good luck out there, brave cat.

8. This toddler took driving to the next level:

0 to 100, real quick.

9. This guy took doing the laundry to the next level:

Laundry doesn't seem so bad if you do it like this?

10. This panda took sneezing to an adorable level:

Allergy season is a real struggle, but sneezing like this probably helps.

11. This girl took pranks to a new, brilliant level:

That will surely teach this guy not to leave the trash sitting there for seven hours.

12. These people took skateboarding to the next level too: / Via

Also, how can we participate in this?

13. This lady takes naps to the next level every day: / Via

Cat naps. Get it?

14. And this pug tried so hard to get to the next level:

In fact, he is probably still trying. Never give up, small pug.

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