The 12 Greatest Senior Pranks Ever Caught On Camera

Take note, class of 2014.

1. This green man cafeteria dance party at Oregon High:

Full Video

2. This cup classic from Andover High:

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3. This well read classroom:

matt_limbacher / Via

4. This parking patrol cart that had it coming at McKinney Boyd High:

Full Video

5. This packing peanut avalanche at Barstow High:

Full Video

6. This unwelcome bug in the hallway at Golden High:

Ernie Leyba / Getty

7. This well planned 15 minute traffic stopper:

Full Video

8. This vintage gaming chase down:

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9. This front door buffalo at Golden High:

Ed Maker / Getty Images

10. This sexy sax man serenade:

Full Video

11. This balloon-filled stairwell:

Full Video

12. And this timeless classic from Ashville, Ohio.

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