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The 11 Greatest Pranks On Vine

Perfect pranking in six seconds or less.

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(Vines are awesome! Turn on the sound in the top left and then click to play.)

1. This super chill alien just wanted to hang out:

princess alexx / Via

2. Presenting the evil cousin of whoopee cushions:

Elton Castee / Via

3. The super soaker:

Lance210 / Via

4. Hand it over:

SeanSauce / Via

5. Mannequin madness:


6. For your favorite cat lady:

AYC Media / Via

7. Gurl, you're so cold:

Carly Morrell / Via

8. Off-road jeeps are no longer safe:

Jack and Jack / Via

9. The dish disaster:

Mike Dietrich / Via

10. Honor this legit holiday however you see fit:

Ryan Fenwick / Via

11. Conjurprank:

MAX JR / Via