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    October and November are odd months for travel, you’ve passed summer with beach holidays taking centre stage, but you’re not quite into the winter season where skiing and snowboarding holidays rule the roost. So where should you go away during these few months? I’ve been chatting to some wonderful friends of mine, and I asked them “What is your favourite destination to visit in Autumn?” Here is what they had to say….

    Macca from An Adventurous World

    Marka / Getty Images / Via Getty Images

    When the leaves start to change colour and the winter jacket comes out, I always like to warm up somewhere hot in southern Europe. When it comes to travelling I need two things – amazing weather and delicious food. That’s why I often flock to Italy in Autumn!

    Places in southern Italy like Bari, Naples and Sicily get really nice weather in Autumn – you’re still looking at 20+ degrees. And obviously Italian food needs no introduction. The pizza in Naples are just next level, but again it’s hard to beat the food from Sicily.

    A lot of Sicilians (and those who visit) consider the food from Sicily the best in all of Italy, and that’s really saying something! For me, I love hitting the markets, picking up some burrata (a very soft and juicy mozzarella) and caponata (a sweet aubergine and tomato dish) and taking down to the sea for a little picnic. In Italy it really is the simple things that make you happy!

    Tara from Where is Tara?


    If I was going to pick anywhere to go in Autumn it would be New England in the US. New England is a region which includes 6 states (Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire). I recently planned a road trip across New England for my mam and aunt. They visited all 6 states and I could not have been more jealous. America goes BIG for Halloween (which I love), so a night or two in Salem, Massachusetts is the perfect thing to do in October.

    Make sure to visit pumpkin and maple farms in Vermont for an overdose of all those gorgeous autumnal colours. Eat lobster rolls in Maine, go lighthouse hunting and get ready to take thousands of photos. Take a stroll through the campus of Yale in Connecticut. There is PLENTY to do in New England in October and I haven’t even mentioned Martha’s Vineyard or Cape Cod!

    Sophie from Sophie's Suitcase

    Sophie Davis / Via

    I love visiting New Zealand and Scandinavia! They are the two places in the world that never bore me, and there is always something new and exciting around the corner. You never tire of places that offer you something new each time you visit, and you become addicted to finding more. New Zealand is a country of adventure, outdoor pursuits and culture, from the springs in Rotorua, to the Maori lifestyle that is still enforced today. Whilst Scandinavia is simply a culture and a way of life I crave. The ‘hygge’ lifestyle where work and life is balanced and life is full of simple pleasures such as enjoying time with friends and getting back to basics.

    Hayley from Frock me I’m Famous

    Hayley Rubery / Via

    Paris absolutely HAS to be my favourite European city; I first visited back when I was at school over ten years ago and haven’t been able to stay away since! From the stunning architecture to the chic street style, amazing French cuisine and wealth of history and art the city holds – there really is something for everyone! Although it’s a total cliche, Paris really IS the city of romance – walking along the seine at dusk has to be one of my favourite things to do in the city (apart from scouting out the best macarons but let’s keep that between us shall we?!). I love Paris in the Winter months as everything looks extra beautiful and crisp – but be sure to wrap up warm as it gets super cold!

    Elle from A Bird in the Hand

    Elle Croft

    My favourite thing about Autumn is that the summer crowds have pretty much dispersed, but the freezing winter hasn’t quite set in. Plus, if you pick your destination right you might be treated to a beautiful display of Autumn leaves! There are so many incredible European cities that are worth visiting at this time of year, but if I absolutely have to pick just one, it’s Rome. It’s not a particularly green city, so you won’t be treated to forests of Autumn colours (although along the riverbank you might get bursts of orange and a nice crunchy carpet), but what you will get is an extended summer.

    The weather in Italy’s capital is around 20 degrees at this time of year, and it’s often sunny, which means you can enjoy al fresco dining (and let’s be honest, any trip to Italy is mostly about the food) without having to crack out your winter coat. And really, Rome is just an incredible city to visit at any time of year, with thousands of years of history to explore, stunning architecture to marvel at, a vibrant nightlife, and oh, have I mentioned the food?

    Kara from Heels in my Backpack

    Kara Caradas / Via

    I visited Cinque Terre, Italy, in October and the weather was just perfect. There were still warm summery days to enjoy a gelato whilst wandering the beautiful lanes, but I also enjoyed cool evenings watching the sun set over the sea. Plus as it’s the beginning of the off-season you get way less tourists clogging up the small coastal towns, and it’s cheaper to visit too.

    So why should you go? Well if charming towns, delicious Italian food and seaside vibes are your thing, this place is paradise. Cinque Terre is definitely my happy place anyway and if you visit you HAVE to do the following:

    • Relax on the beach on Monterosso and Instagram the super cool umbrellas

    • Eat the ravioli of your life at Grottino Trattoria in Riomaggiore

    • Hike between the colourful towns for fantastic views

    • Visit the pretty gardens in the Via Del Bambino in Manarola

    • Head up to Levanto to try the award-winning pizza at La Picea

    Buon viaggio!